About Us

I am a natural herbalist and empowered Hedge Witch. I've lived, breathed, and flowed with the magic of this world since I was a young child. Clairvoyantly gifted and sensitive to spirits, I've honed my craft carefully and have explored many branches of magic. I do not adhere to one particular path, but rather incorporate many. Though I am Hellenic and aligned with Greek deities at my core, I come from a Celtic background and have a strong connection to the ancient Druids. I have always been a teacher, healer, or guide in one form or another. I am a lightworker, counselor, shaman, and good witch all rolled into one. Although known in my community, I am solitary by nature and do not belong to any sort of coven. Besides my Initiate, 
who is also my partner, I practice alone. He assists me in my practice, helping me to find further balance and amplify my work as needed. Let me extend a hand to you and welcome you into my world. May we walk always in the purifying light of the moon and cleanse our souls in the waters of our mother earth. 

With Reverence,

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